Overhead Squat (Pre-workout:
On a 10:00 clock:
Build to a heavy set of 5 overhead squats
– Take the barbell from the floor.)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Against a 6:00 running clock:

Run 800 m

Max rep overhead squats (34/52 kg)

Stimulus & Goals

This workout is a 6:00 sprint, originally published in 2010 as NorCal Sectional Workout A.

The run should take roughly 3:00-4:00.

All athletes should perform at least 20 overhead squats. Advanced athletes should push for 50+ reps.


There is no holding back in this workout.

Hit the run as fast as possible and bank as much time as possible for the overhead squat.

Once you return from the run, take a few deep breaths and then get right to the barbell. Your goal should be to pick up the barbell within :20-:30 of returning.

Make your first set on the barbell the largest.


1) Strength

2) Class

3) Ski Burpee

Squat Snatch (5 x 3 reps)

Complete unbroken reps.

Increase loading across as many sets as possible.

Aim to begin your first set around 60-70% of your best squat snatch.

Ski Burpee (5 Rounds for reps)

5 x 2:00

250m Ski

Max Burpees

– Rest 2:00

Stimulus & Goals

Push for one more rep in each interval.

Keep ski to 1:00 or less.

15-25 burpees per set.


Find a pace on the ski that gives you the most amount of time for the burpees but doesn’t keep you from jumping right into the burpees. You should have about a minute to perform burpees.

Take the burpees one rep at a time. Just keep getting yourself down to the floor. Remember that you get an entire two minutes to rest after the burpees.

This workout aims to build your capacity to keep pushing for one more rep when you are tired.