CrossFit – Wed, May 22

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL – CrossFitMetcon (Time)10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: Alt. DB Snatch Box Jump Overs Hand Release Push Up 22.5/15kg 50/60cmMetcon (No Measure)For 15:00, 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest: Cals any machine Partner up and let’s go...

CrossFit – Tue, May 21

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL – CrossFitPull-ups (10-20 reps every 2:00 for 5 Rounds)In this block we are going to push your pull-up performance. You will either work kipping or butterfly and scale to having your feet on a box if required. If you can hit 20 reps for 5...

CrossFit – Mon, May 20

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL – CrossFitMetcon (Time)Team of 2: Row 1,000m 50 Burpees to Target 100 GHD Sit Ups Row 1k 50 Burpees to Target 80 GHD Sit Ups Row 1k 50 Burpees to Target 60 GHD Sit Ups

CrossFit – Sun, May 19

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL – CrossFitMetcon (No Measure)Every 5:00 for 6 Rounds: 20 DB Hang Power Clean (22.5/15) 14 DB Walking Lunges (goblet hold) 8 Ring Dips 2 Wall Walk Cals in Remaining Time

CrossFit – Sat, May 18

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL – CrossFitSweat sesh 💦Metcon (No Measure)Time Cap: 40 mins Teams of 2 Buy in: 30 Burpee Pull Ups Into: 400m Burden Run 160 DB Snatches 400m Burden Run 120 Plated Sit ups 400m Burden Run 80 Pull ups 400m Burden Run 40 Heavy Sand bag Squats 400m...

CrossFit – Fri, May 17

CROSSFIT BRACKNELL – CrossFitSplit Jerk (3 reps every 2:00 for 6 rounds from the rack)build after each successful setMetcon (Time)12-9-6 Power Clean + STOH (61/43kg) 21-15-9 Toes To Bar