Weightlifting Workshop with Jessica Gordon-Brown is 12-230 on Saturday 23rd March.

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Deadlift (6 Sets x 3 deadlifts
– Use the same load across all sets.)


Heavy deadlift day.

Retest from Sept. 13, 2023.

Lift 80%+ of 1-rep-max deadlift.

Maintain the same load for all 6 sets.

Perform a new lift every 3:00, allowing for about 2:30 of rest.

Squat Snatch (Every 1:30 for 5 Rounds:
3 Reps
– Pause for :05 in Bottom Position each rep
– Keep weight light (you’ll be fatigued from the deadlifts) and work on owning the receiving position.)

Single Leg Box Jump (No Measure)


2 Jumps Each Leg

expect to be humbled!

Use plates – start low and build if able.


SKILL DRILL (No Measure)

Every 2:30 for 8 Rounds (20:00 total time)

Pick two movements from the list below and perform both within the time. Rest the remaining time. Both movements should be completed within a minute, leaving you 1:30+ rest time each round.

You can pick different skills each week to practice, but the skill(s) you practice weekly will make the greatest progress. So if you are particularly weak on Wall Walks and DU you may want to repeat these every week and try to to move better, perform them faster, perform more of them in the same time, or perform the same but be less tired – that is all progress.

1-3 Wall Walks

5-10 Double Under Crossovers, OR, 20-40 Double Unders, OR, 20-40 Crossovers, OR, 30-60 Single Unders

6-12 Alternating Pistol Squats

6-10 Burpees (Jumping feet in & out)

4-10 Knee Raises, OR, 3-9 Toes To Bar, OR, 2-7 Pull Ups, OR, 1-5 Chest To Bar, OR, 1-3 Muscle Up

10/12 Cal Row

2-6 Kipping HSPU, OR, 2-10m HS Walk