Metcon (Calories)

EMOM 20:

Even minutes: 3 power cleans (70/102 kg)

Odd minutes: Max calorie row

Moderately heavy clean under cardiovascular distress.

Scored by max calories, ideally 10+ per minute for intermediate athletes and 15+ per minute for advanced athletes.

Barbell should feel heavy, but athletes should not fail any reps. Touch-and-go or quick singles on the cleans.


1) Nancy

2) 230627

3) Accessory I

Metcon (Calories)


EMOM 20:

Even minutes: 3 power cleans (155/225 lb)

Odd minutes: Max calorie row
Stimulus & Goals

A heavy day – more so for breathing than for weightlifting.

Perform 3 power cleans at a weight that feels near maximal, while still pushing the pace on the rower.


Choose your own adventure on the row – the faster you go, the more this will burn. If you’re in need of a recovery day, use the row to breathe and focus on efficiency.

Strive for at least 8 calories per minute; more advanced athletes may be able to achieve 15 or even 20 calories per minute.

Metcon (No Measure)



3:00 L-sit hold
In Accessory – I, perform the L-sit using a pair of parallettes, hanging from a pull-up bar, or finding some way to get yourself off the ground. Use the same technique throughout the entire 3:00 of work. This technique should allow you to hold the L-sit for at least :10 and no longer than :40. Rest as needed, but pick up where you left off until you accumulate 3:00 of work.