Back Squat (5 sets for load:
5 back squats)


Heavy day!

Start at a heavy weight and build to a very heavy set of 5 reps.

Aim to start around 75-80% of the 1-rep max.

Rest 3:00 between sets to allow for recovery.


If you are strictly following the Compete programming this week, then it is Open Gym only for you – leave the back squats in class.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


3 rounds for reps:

1:00 GHD sit-ups

1:00 standing bike (for calories)

1:00 handstand walk

– Rest 2:00 between sets.
Maintain consistent sets and pace across the entire workout. Avoid deviating by more than 10% in reps/distance across each round for a specific movement.

Substitute a row or ski in place of the bike.

For the handstand walk, set up two cones 50 ft apart. Accumulate as many 50-ft sections as possible in 1:00.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)



20 double-unders

5 chest-to-bar pull-ups
Stimulus & Goals

This is intended to test your C2B capacity and upper-body grip and pulling stamina. We want to see where the limit is, so DO NOT pace or strategize this one. Just move!

Finish rounds in less than :30 and keep the pull-ups unbroken.

Rest as little as possible and attack each element, even if you do not feel ready.


Use a kipping technique (gymnastics kip or butterfly) that allows you to keep moving. Using both techniques depending on your level of fatigue may be beneficial.

Start at a pace you know you cannot hold and see how long you can go before you drop off.

Let technique be your limiting factor. Only begin to take rest when you feel your mechanics start to compromise.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)


For as many sets as possible:

500-m row @ 2:00/1:50

500-m row @ 1:58/1:48

500-m row @ 1:56/1:46

– Continue to reduce by :02 in each set until failure.

– Rest 1:00 between intervals.
Stimulus & Goals

Successfully complete at least 5 sets.

You must finish the interval on or under the indicated time. Finishing over time is considered a failed set and the workout is over.

Pace and recovery conditioning


Set a goal to finish each set on or under the indicated time, and don’t be a hero. It does you no good to go faster than the specified time. It will only hurt you in the later sets.

It will take about 100-200 m to dial in your stroke rate and pace. Remember to breathe and pay attention to how hard and fast you are pulling. As the time in each set decreases, your stroke rate and how hard you pull are going to have to increase.

Try to row :01 under the specific time you are trying to hit. If you waiver for too long above the time, you’re likely not to hit it.

Try to stand up during your rest time. This will help flush the lactic acid out a little bit.