CrossFit Class

Metcon (Time)

For time:

12 squat clean thrusters (34/52 kg)

400-m run

9 squat clean thrusters

400-m run

6 squat clean thrusters

400-m run



Strength III

Row Dip

Metcon (No Measure)


7 sets:

3 weighted pull-ups

– Rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.
Increase loading across as many sets as possible; perform the same weight for multiple sets if desired.

Use a dumbbell, medicine ball, vest, or weight belt to add load to the pull-ups.

If you are not able to perform a strict unweighted pull-up, find the smallest assistance band possible that allows to you perform three smooth and controlled reps.

Metcon (Calories)


EMOM 20:

Min. 1 | 1:00 calorie row

Min. 2 | :30 ring dips

Score = total reps and calories.

Men aim for 12+ calories and women aim for 9+ calories in each set.

Maintain 3+ unbroken reps on the ring dips.

Complimentary movements for maximum intensity.


Give 95% effort on the rower as long as you can. Don’t go to 100%, but get close. Expect to start strong and drop off, but hang on for as long as possible.

Sit up tall on the rower and don’t forget to breathe. Hunching over on the rower will make it harder to catch your breath.

Don’t push to failure on the ring dips. Come off the rings 2-3 reps before failure. If you hit failure too soon, it will be very difficult to complete more than one set within the :30 intervals.