Snatch (For load:
Every 2:00 for 10 sets:
1 snatch)


Practice technique and develop capacity in this technical lift.

Heavy load relative to each athlete’s capacity. Begin the first set relatively light and build for as many sets as possible. Today may be an opportunity for athletes to hit a new PR.

Athletes will perform one set every 2:00. This should allow for at least 1:30 of rest before the next lift.


1) Yesterday’s Metcon

2) Bike Stamina

3) Accessory I

Metcon (Time)


For time:

6/9-cal Echo bike

– Rest :30

11/15-cal Echo bike

– Rest 1:00

16/21-cal Echo bike

– Rest 1:30

21/27-cal Echo bike

– Rest 2:00

26/33-cal Echo bike
Stimulus & Goals

Increasing distances after shorter sets with faster paces.

Rest increases as distances increase.

Sustain high power outputs for longer durations after harder efforts.

Finish the first set in under :30, the second in 1:00, the third in 1:30, the fourth in 2:00, and the fifth in 2:30.


Complete each set at the fastest pace you can sustain without sprinting on the bike. This means a powerful push into the handles and pedals, but a rigid, strong, and stable body.

If this volume of work is too little for you to maintain this specific pacing on the bike, bump the volume up by starting with a round of 9/15 and finishing with a round of 32/39.

Come out strong on the first two sets and pull the pace back slightly on the third set. The pace you hold on the third set should be manageable but challenging for sets 4 and 5.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Every 2:00 for 5 sets:

30 double-unders

1-5 strict ring muscle-ups

– Unbroken ring muscle-ups.

This workout is a more challenging skill piece at the end of a shoulder-heavy training day.

Practice strict ring muscle-ups under fatigue.

The double-unders shouldn’t take longer than :20-:25. Scale the volume if needed to get to the rings quickly.

Adjust the volume of each set or scale to low-ring transitions to stay consistent on the muscle-ups.