Metcon (7 Rounds for reps)

7 rounds for max reps:

1:30 to accumulate:

4 shoulder presses (95/135 lbs)

4 front squats

4 thrusters

AMRAP lateral burpees over the barbell

1:30 rest

At least :30-:45 to accumulate burpees in the early rounds, working to maintain the same number of burpees in later rounds.

Loading should be moderate and based on the shoulder press.

Athletes should try to go unbroken on the three weightlifting movements, however, it should take no more than 2 sets to complete the 12 reps.


1) Today’s Metcon

2) Strength II

3) Stamina I

Front Squat (STRENGTH II

Every 2:00 for 7 sets:
1 front squat)

Increase loading across as many sets as possible.

Take the barbell from a rack.

Grip the barbell so that you may keep your elbows up as high as possible. This technique may vary from workout one.

Metcon (Time)


For time:

800/1,000-m C2 bike

Rest 1:00

1,600/2,000-m C2 bike

Rest 2:00

2,400/3,000-m C2 bike

Rest 3:00

3,200/4,000-m C2 bike
Stimulus & Goals

20:00-26:00 of work (not including rest)

800/1,000-m < 2:30
1,600/2,000-m < 5:00
2,400/3,000-m < 8:00
3,200/4,000-m < 10:00

Perform each bike at a sustainable pace (around 80-90% effort) to feel relatively recovered prior to starting the next interval.

If you feel like you can push faster, wait until the 2,400/3,000-m and/or the 3,200/4,000-m intervals to turn on the afterburners.

Try to perform this workout with friends or a training partner for more of a push. If you don’t have someone to complete the workout with, wear a watch and have goals for each interval prior to starting.