Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


12 deadlifts (47/70 kg)

12 bar-facing burpees
Stimulus & Goals

8+ rounds; advanced athletes push for 10+ rounds.

1:00-1:30 per round.

Unbroken movements for at least 3 rounds. The deadlift should be broken into 2 sets or less.


Today’s workout is a classic couplet with a relatively light deadlift load. Move between the two movements quickly.

Choose a steady pace at the start to avoid burnout, but towards the end of the workout, push the pedal to the floor and sell out for those last few minutes.

The barbell load should allow you to go unbroken for at least 3 rounds.

Choose a burpee pace that allows you to get back to the barbell as quickly as possible. Don’t increase your pace if you can’t immediately pick up the bar.

Metcon (No Measure)



2:00 plank hold

2:00 hollow hold


1) Main Lift

2) 230707

3) Bike Conditioning

Metcon (Weight)


3 sets:

3 banded deficit deadlifts (2 in)

– Keep all sets unbroken.

– Rest 3:00 between sets.

Perform at least 3 challenging sets of the complex; the 3rd set should be the heaviest.

Lay a very thin band underneath the feet for the deficit with either end of it looped over the barbell.

If possible, use bands inside a rig with pegs or on a deadlift platform.

This lifting session should make the barbell feel lighter in workout 2. Have fun!

Metcon (Time)


5 rounds for time:

24/30-cal bike

– Rest 2:00 between rounds.
Stimulus & Goals

Keep rounds to 2:30 or less. Advanced athletes should push for sub-2:00 rounds.

Use any bike that is available.

Perform each round as fast as possible.


Push as hard as possible on each round to find out what this workout is really all about. Do not “game” any of the rounds.

If you use an Echo or Assault bike, incorporate your arms as much as possible. On the C2 bike, try and push through the “heavy” feeling in your legs.