Power Snatch (Pre-workout:
Every :30 for 10 sets:
1 power snatch)

Metcon (Calories)


On a 15:00 clock:

Max calorie bike

– Starting at 0:00 and every 3:00 after perform 2 rounds:

3 hang power snatches (43/61 kg)

6 push-ups

9 air squats

Finish the 2 rounds in 1:30 or less.

The weight on the hang power snatch should allow athletes to stay unbroken for the majority of the workout.

Push-ups and squats should stay fast and unbroken for the entire workout.

Female athletes should aim to perform at least 60 calories and guys should aim for at least 75 calories total across the entire workout. Advanced athletes should push well beyond these numbers.


1) Warm Up

2) 230225

3) Carry Hold

4) Accessory I

5) Stretch

Metcon (No Measure)


1 set:

:30 bike

5 snatch-grip deadlifts (empty barbell)

10 alternating Samson stretches

10 PVC pass throughs

1 set:

:30 bike

5 snatch pulls (empty barbell)

10 reverse lunges

10 PVC around-the-worlds

1 set:

:30 bike

5 muscle snatches (empty barbell)

10 scap push-ups

10 alternating jumping lunges

1 set:

:30 bike

5 hang power snatches (empty barbell)

10 push-ups

10 air squats

3 sets:

3 hang power snatches

– Rest 1:00 between sets.
Work on the technique of the snatch and pacing on the bike. Each round gets progressively more difficult or closer to the full movement.

Build up to workout pace on the bike and get a little out of breath.

On the last 3 sets of hang power snatches, build up to the load you are going to use in the workout.

Metcon (No Measure)


4 sets for load and quality:

100-m DB farmers carry

1:00 sandbag bear hug hold
Relatively heavy grunt work.

Metcon (No Measure)


3 sets for quality:

10 DB windmills/arm

20 GHD hip extensions

:30 GHD hip extension hold
In Accessory – I, use a weight for the DB or KB on the windmills that you can perform all 10 reps unbroken before resting. If you do not have a GHD, perform good mornings for the hip extensions and a plank hold for the hip extension hold.

Metcon (No Measure)


2 sets:

:30 frog stretch

:30 couch stretch/leg