Metcon (3 Rounds for calories)

3 x AMRAP 3:

20 sumo deadlift high pulls (34/52 kg)

20 GHD sit-ups

Max calorie bike in the remaining time

– Rest 1:00 between rounds.
15-20+ calories each round.

10+ unbroken reps on the SDHP.

Finish the SDHP by 1:00 and the sit-ups by 2:00.

Heavier-than-usual loading for the SDHP.

Metcon (No Measure)


Min. 1 | 10 KB side bends/side

Min. 2 | :30 v-ups


Macro: Weightlifting

– Commit to pre or post-workout lifting three times per week.

– Keep up with 1 heavy day per week.

– Test the benchmarks of Diane, Grace, and Isabel.

Micro: Getting heavy in a workout.

– Performing heavier barbell lifts within a workout. Not just pre or post-workout.

Take your time with the warm-up today as you may be feeling a bit stiff after yesterday’s workout.

If your numbers aren’t feeling quite as strong today, don’t be discouraged. Listen to your body and back off and come back ready to attack next week.

Let’s finish the week strong!

Front Squat (3 sets:
5 front squats
– Building to your heaviest set of 5.)

We are in week 6 of our final weightlifting cycle for the year. This week, we are once again increasing the loading for both the clean and snatch. It’s important to note that as the weeks go on, the weights are going to get heavier and heavier. We want you to try and make the weights but don’t force anything that’s not there if you have a day that you’re not able to make the prescribed lifts. Instead, lower the load slightly and focus on making your movement patterns as best as you possibly can.

We are looking for everyone to increase the loading on the barbell for both the shoulder presses and front squats this week as well. Last week we build to a heavy 7 reps, this week we’re building to a heavy 5 reps. Although it is only a 2 rep difference, the loading should increase. This likely won’t be a major increase but even a 5-10 lb increase is great.

Sorenson Hold (Time)

only use a weight that will allow you to hold for the full :30. If you can’t hold for the full :30 without breaking. Don’t add any weight.