Metcon (Time)

12 rounds for time, starting with 1 and adding an exercise each round:

1 wall walk

2 candlesticks

3 burpees

4 push-ups

5 walking lunges

6 air squats

7 sit-ups

8 jumping squats

9 jumping lunges

10 broad jumps

11 handstand push-ups

12 pistols

Perform the workout like the “12 Days of Christmas” song. In round 1, perform 1 wall walk. In round 2 perform 2 candlesticks and then 1 wall walk. In round 3, perform 3 burpees, then 2 candlesticks, then 1 wall walk. Continue adding a new exercise each round.


Faster paces earlier in the workout and slower paces in the later rounds.

Increasing complexity as the workout progresses.

High dose of localized muscular fatigue in the quads and shoulders.