Get your Gas Tank ready for The Open 2024 with simple but very effective interval training.

GAS TANK (No Measure)

10-20 minutes of :30 On/:30 Off

Choose two movements from the list below, perform them on alternate rounds:

Shuttle Runs


Wall Ball

Double Under or Crossover

Box Jump (Step Down)

Burpee or Burpee Over Bar

Barbell Cycling @ 40% of Snatch or Clean & Jerk

For example, you might do :30 Row/:30 Rest/:30 Wall Ball/:30 Rest for one full round and do that 10 times for a 20 minute workout. You could start by doing it 5 times for a 10:00 workout and increase the number of rounds each week until you’re at 20:00. Don’t exceed 20:00 total work time.
Week 1 do what feels manageable to set the benchmark, then, in subsequent weeks try to be more consistent, or slightly increase your output in the work time.