Metcon (No Measure)


4 sets:

:20 ring dip hold (top)

– Rest :10

:20 ring dip hold (bottom)

– Rest :10

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


3 rounds for reps:

1:00 handstand push-ups

1:00 DB farmer carry hold

– Rest 3:00 between couplets.

3 rounds for reps:

1:00 ring dips

1:00 DB front rack hold

– Choose your own loading for DBs.

Fun gymnastics heavy day. Encourage athletes to get uncomfortable and work on weaknesses.

Test athletes’ skills under fatigue.

Reps will vary depending on how athletes tackle this one; some will shoot for higher intensity and some will shoot for strengthening their weaknesses and struggling through tougher versions of the movements.

If athletes can crush the gymnastics movements, encourage them to go strict.


Workout Order:

1) 230131

2) Jump Bike

3) Accessory I

Metcon (No Measure)


3 sets:

:30 row

15 band pull-aparts

10 scap pull-ups

5 strict presses w/ a :03 pause at the top

– Use an empty bar or light load.

1 set:

:30 row

3 wall walks w/ a :03 hold at the top

10 push-ups

1 set:

:30 row

:30 handstand hold

10 piked push-ups

:30 hollow hold

10 jumping ring dips

2 sets:

:20 row (moderate pace)

5 handstand push-ups

:20 row (moderate pace)

5 ring dips

Use the first part of the warm-up to mobilize and strengthen the overhead position, emphasizing keeping the ribs down and maintaining active shoulders for every movement.

Take your time building to the HSPU and ring dips. Scale the reps, time, or movements as needed.

After the warm-up, take a few minutes to practice the farmers carry hold and the DB front rack hold.

Metcon (Time)


6 rounds for time:

10 burpee box jumps (24/30-in)

800/1,000-m bike
Stimulus & Goals


Your legs and lungs should be under attack in this workout.

Challenge yourself with a higher box than you’re used to.

Finish each bike under 2:00.

Metcon (No Measure)


3 sets:

8 x (1 single-leg KB deadlift + 1 single-leg KB step-back lunge)/leg

10 GHD back extensions

– Rest :30 between legs/ movements & 2:00 between sets.


3 sets:

:20 doorway pec stretch/side

10 PVC pass throughs
In Accessory – I, perform a single-leg deadlift + a step-back lunge with the same leg staying on the ground. Repeat this for 8 reps of the complex while holding a light-to-moderate KB on the same side of the leg you are working. Repeat on the other leg. Then, perform the back extensions. Rest 2:00 between sets and build in load on the complex.