Metcon (No Measure)

5 sets:

On a 2:00 clock:

:30 L-sit hold

10 burpees-to-target (12 in)

Max distance DB farmers carry (15/22.5 kg)

Rest for 1:00.

– Use two DBs.

Athletes should have at least :30 to perform farmers carries each round.

:30 L-sit hold should be unbroken and completed on boxes or parallettes.

Burpees should be done in 1:00 or less.

Once athletes begin the farmers carry, they should not put the DBs down.

Built-in rest allows for recovery time to hit each round hard.

Athletes should hit a relatively consistent distance each round.


1) Main Lift

2) Yesterday’s Metcon

3) Today’s Metcon

Hang Power Clean (MAIN LIFT

5 sets:
3 hang power cleans
– Rest as needed between sets.)

In today’s main lift, build to a heavy 3-rep hang power clean prior to performing the same lift (lighter weight) in workout 2.

The goal is to lift something heavier than the hang power cleans in workout 2. Increase the loading across as many sets as possible.

Rest no more than 4:00 between sets.