Push Jerk (Pre-workout:
3 push jerks)

Metcon (Time)

2 rounds for time:

100 double-unders

25 shoulder-to-overheads (29/43 kg)

25 burpees

10-15 burpees in 1:00.

Use a lightweight for the shoulder-to-overhead.

Consider a push press for the shoulder-to-overhead and then move to the jerk if you tire and still need to hang on to the bar.

Scale the double-unders to a simpler option while maintaining the volume.

Build to a heavy push jerk before the workout.


Front Squat (3 x 1)

Build to your heaviest single

Welcome to week 8 of our final weightlifting cycle for the year. This week, we are de-loading the clean and snatch. Instead of pushing the percentages, we are lowering them to a more moderate loading to give the body a break. As always, focus on perfecting your lifts as much as possible to carry over when we re-test our new 1-rep max in a few weeks!

Increase the loading on the barbell for both the shoulder presses and front squats this week. Last week, we build to a heavy 3 reps, and this week we’re building to a heavy single. For some of you, this may be a new 1-rep max. For others, it may just be a tough single for the day. Regardless, aim to hit 90-105% of your 1-rep max!

Metcon (Time)

2 rounds for time:

100 double-unders

25 shoulder-to-overhead (65/95 lb)

25 burpees
10:00-15:00. More advanced athletes may go sub 10:00.

No more than 2:00 on double-unders.

Loading should allow you to complete the shoulder-to-overhead in 3 sets or less.

Weighted Step-ups (4 sets:
6 front rack weighted step-ups (6/leg))

In Accessory – I, build to a heavy 6 reps on each leg. Rest 1:00 between each leg so that you can be fully recovered for each set. Focus on stepping up with your chest proud and don’t allow your hips to shoot up and take over the lift.