Metcon (Time)

10 rounds for time:

9 toes-to-bars

3 wall walks


Shoulder and midline muscular fatiguing workout.

Complete the toes-to-bar in 3 sets or less.

Complete the wall walks in 1:00 or less.


1) 230802

2) Stamina I

3) Accessory I

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)


For as many sets as possible:

500-m row at 2:00/1:50

500-m row at 1:58/1:48

500-m row at 1:56/1:46

– Continue to reduce by :02 in each set until failure.

– Rest 1:00 between intervals.
Stimulus & Goals

The goal is to successfully complete at least 5 sets. So scale times as needed. If you row a 8:00/7:00 2k, start at the times listed above. Start your intervals at 2:20/2:10 if your 2k is between 8:00-10:00.

You must finish the interval on or under the indicated time. Finishing over time is considered a failed set and the workout is over.

Pace and recovery conditioning


Set a goal to finish each set on or under the indicated time. Going faster will hinder you in the later sets.

It will take about 100-200 m to dial in your stroke rate and pace. Remember to breathe and pay attention to how hard and fast you pull. As the time in each set decreases, your stroke rate and how hard you pull are going to have to increase.

Try to row :01 under the specific time you are trying to hit. If you waver for too long above the time, you’re likely not to hit it.

Stand up during your rest time to flush the lactic acid out a little bit.

Metcon (No Measure)


Every 3:00 for 15:00:

8 DB rear foot-elevated split squats (8/leg)

15 barbell good mornings
In Accessory – I, use a pair of DBs for the rear foot-elevated split squats. Find a weight that challenges you for 8 reps and stay there for all 4 sets. One leg may appear to be weaker than the other — that is a good thing to note. For the good mornings, use a light load.