Metcon (Time)

3 rounds for time:

20 burpee box overs (61/76 cm)

400/500-m row


1 rounds = both partners finishing a 200-m run and the plank.

Rows and box jump-overs each in 2:30 or faster.

Maintain the jump in the box jump over when scaling.

Ascend a taller box than usual for the burpee box jump-over.

Metcon (No Measure)


8 rounds:

:20 double-unders

– Rest :10


Compete Track don’t do DU work and perform lifting complex before class

Metcon (Weight)

3 sets for load:

2 dip squat snatches

1 hang squat snatch

– Dip is from the hip, and the hang is from above the knee.

2 drop sets:

1 complex @ 95%

1 complex @ 90%
Perform 3 heavy sets of the complex, building in load. Leave 10-20 lbs in the tank, versus going as heavy as possible.

Maintain a vertical torso for the dip squat snatches, but lean the torso forward OVER the bar for the hang squat snatch.

Perform 2 additional drop sets at 95% and 90% of your heaviest set of the day.

Rest 3:00 between sets.

Metcon (No Measure)


Min. 1 | :30 GHD sit-ups

Min. 2 | 5 hang muscle snatches

Min. 3 | 10 snatch grip bent over rows
For Accessory – I, use a load for the muscle snatches and rows that can be done unbroken. Build in load if desired.