Double-Unders (EMOM5
:30 Double Unders
– Athletes who will RX the Open Gym metcon after this should use this time to practice crossovers instead.)

Crossovers (EMOM5
:30 Crossovers for athletes who will Rx the metcon after this.)

Double Under Crossovers (Athletes who are very competent at crossovers can take the EMOM5 to practice :30 of these instead.)

Metcon (Weight)


5 sets for load:

1 power clean

1 hang squat clean

1 split jerk

– Rest 3:00 between sets.
For today’s Main Lift, build to a heavy set of the complex, keeping each set unbroken.

Begin your first working set between 60-70% of your best clean and leave 10-20 lbs of room to add more weight on your 5th and heaviest set. DO NOT go as heavy as possible.


1) Main Lift

2) 230531

3) Accessory II

230531 (Time)

5 rounds for time:

40 double-unders

30 box step-ups (51/61 cm)

20 KB swings (16/24 kg)


This workout builds overall conditioning and stamina.

Loading, volume, and complexity should allow for large sets. Try to push for at least one unbroken round.

Adjust your speed on the box step-ups to keep moving and regain energy for the other two movements.

Finish each set of KB swings in 2 sets or less.

Metcon (Calories)


10 sets for calories:

:30 bike at 60 RPMs

:20 bike at 70 RPMs

:10 bike at 80+ RPMs

1:00 bike sub 60 RPMs
In Accessory – Il, use a C2 bike, Assault bike, or Echo bike.

Additional monostructural volume to help increase cardiorespiratory endurance and longer workout stamina