Push Press (For load:
Push press)

Metcon (No Measure)

Post-workout: EMOM 6: :30 handstand walk or shoulder taps :30 rest


Strength I

Tomorrow’s Class

Accessory I

Front Squat (STRENGTH I

EMOM 12:
2 front squats)

NOTES Increase loading across as many sets as possible. Begin the first set around 70-75% of your best front squat. Advanced athletes should aim to hold a single weight across as many sets as possible (straight sets). This percentage should be slightly higher (closer to 80-85%).

Metcon (Time)


8 rounds for time:

8 alternating DB hang snatches (15/22.5 kg)

8 box jump-overs (61/76 cm)
NOTES Stimulus & Goals 9:00-12:00. Advanced athletes go sub-8:00. Unbroken alternating hang power snatches every round. Adjust pace on box jumps to maintain unbroken sets of hang snatches. This should be a fast one with consistent movement. Strategy Pace the speed of the jump-overs to maintain unbroken DB snatch reps.

Metcon (No Measure)


3 sets:

10 strict toes-to-bars

20 GHD sit-ups

100-m DB farmers carry

– Rest as needed between movements.
NOTES Rest as needed between movements, but try not to exceed 1:00 of rest unless you move through all 3 exercises quickly and take a larger rest between rounds. Go as heavy as possible on the farmers carry while still going unbroken.