7 x 3

Metcon (No Measure)


3 rounds for reps:

1:00 GHD hip and back extensions

1:00 rest


COMPETE programming detracts from class today.  If you’re following COMPETE for the week, no class, just Open Gym Work

Clean (2 sets:
2 cleans (83%)

2 sets:
2 cleans (85%)

2 sets:
1 clean (87%)

2 sets:
1 clean (90%))

Welcome to week 8 of our final weightlifting cycle for the year. This week, we are once again increasing the loading for both the clean and snatch. Weights are getting really heavy and close to our 1-rep max. As these weights become heavy, stay in control of your movement patterns. The goal for today is to focus on standing with your chest up, keeping your hips from rising too soon off the floor.

The basic lifts are changing, and we are now performing both the overhead squat and deadlift. This week we will be establishing a 7-rep max!

Collin (Time)

6 Rounds For TIme

400 meter Sandbag Carry (50/40 lb)

12 Push Presses (115/75 lbs)

12 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

12 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (95/65 lb)
In honor of Navy Special Warfare Operator Chief Collin Trent Thomas, 33, of Morehead, Kentucky, was fatally shot on August 18, 2010
To learn more about Collin click here

3 rounds for time:

400m sandbag carry (50/35 lb)

12 push presses (115/75 lb)

12 box jumps (24/20″)

12 sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65 lb)

Metcon (No Measure)

4 sets:

100-ft handstand walk

1:00 plank hold

– Rest 2:00 between sets.
In Accessory – I, set up a 100-ft course and walk as unbroken as possible.

Perform the plank on your hands or your forearms.

If you are unable to walk on your hands or you know you will struggle with the volume, consider one of the scaling options. Reduce the distance of the walk or give yourself 1:00 to walk as far as you can. Scale to 50 alternating shoulder taps if you are unable to walk on your hands.