Diane (Time)

21-15-9 Reps For Time

Deadlifts (225/155 lb)

Handstand Push-Ups

Deadlift loading that can be done for 10+ unbroken reps.

Utilize a handstand push-up variation that can be completed for 5+ unbroken reps.

Previous Diane variations completed on Feb 4th and Apr 16th of this year.

Deadlift (Post workout:
Build to a heavy 5-rep deadlift)


Macro: Weightlifting

– Commit to pre or post-workout lifting three times per week.

– Keep up with 1 heavy day per week.

– Test the benchmarks of Diane, Grace, and Isabel.

Micro: Getting heavy in a workout.

– Performing heavier barbell lifts within a workout. Not just pre or post-workout.

Benchmark day! If you can only do one thing today, it should be “Diane”. For those of you who know your previous times, try and PR!

Once you complete Diane, try to rest at least 10:00 before beginning workout 2. Once you complete workout 2, you can transition quite easily into workout 3. Don’t overlook workout 3 as it provides more value than you might think.

Snatch (3 sets:
2 snatches (80%)

3 sets:
2 snatches (83%)

3 sets:
1 snatch (85%))

We are in week 6 of our final weightlifting cycle for the year. This week, we are once again increasing the loading for both the clean and snatch. It’s important to note that as the weeks go on, the weights are going to get heavier and heavier. We want you to try and make the weights but don’t force anything that’s not there if you have a day that you’re not able to make the prescribed lifts. Instead, lower the load slightly and focus on making your movement patterns as best as you possibly can.

We are looking for everyone to increase the loading on the barbell for both the shoulder presses and front squats this week as well. Last week we build to a heavy 7 reps, this week we’re building to a heavy 5 reps. Although it is only a 2 rep difference, the loading should increase. This likely won’t be a major increase but even a 5-10lb increase is great.

Snatch Grip RDL (4 sets:
8 snatch grip Romanian deadlifts)

use a moderate load and rest as needed between sets. Focus on pushing your hips and butt back with relatively straight legs to build strength and muscle in your glutes and hamstrings. The snatch grip will also help you build strength in your upper back and grip.